:: Our History . When GrooveMaster Graphics was launched in 2003, photography represented an essential portion of its services. At first, that included fine art images. But, before long, more commercial work was added. Photography has always been a creative force in the life of GMg owner, Gary Swiontek. In fact, it was photography that actually was the catalyst to developing GrooveMaster Graphics at the outset. Over the years, photography became an independently strong segment of GMg which led to marketing GMg:photo as a separate entity. Today, its fine art photography is regularly selected for local art exhibitions. GMg:photo remains an integral part in supporting the GrooveMaster Graphics mission of providing quality and personalized graphic design services that includes outstanding commercial photography.

In January 2015 GMg:photo opened an online shop in the Etsy community. FinelyFocused combines the photography of GMg:photo with the graphic design of GrooveMaster Graphics. “Inspired by Photography, Artful by Design” Visit FinelyFocused Now :: Visit FinelyFocused Facebook Now

GMg:photo serves the greater Chicago IL area and beyond, including Arlington Heights IL, Mount Prospect IL, Palatine IL, Barrington IL, Buffalo Grove IL, Schaumburg IL, Glenview IL, Prospect Heights IL.

:: Biography, Gary Swiontek . GMg:photo’s Gary Swiontek became fascinated with photography as a youngster during the time of 35mm film and flash bulbs. He believes his love for the art had something to do with the old Argus camera that his father used to photograph his growing family – a camera that Gary still has and uses from time to time. He was a natural most likely because of his creative nature. Gary is an accomplished musician earning a bachelor of music degree from DePaul University.

Fast-forwarding, Gary became a software engineer to earn a living after studying at Harper College and DePaul. But, he still maintained his interest in photography and when he learned the technique of making black and white prints in a traditional “wet” darkroom, he was hooked. He became curious about a new technique for making darkroom prints using Adobe Photoshop. He took a Photoshop course, bought the program and invested in his first Apple computer in 2000.

There was no turning back. Gary opted out of his engineering day job and launched GrooveMaster Graphics in 2003. He also served on the Village of Arlington Heights Arts Commission from December 2004 until August 2009. Gary is a graduate of The Illinois Institute of Art. He resides in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

:: Artist Statement . I create fine art photographs simply because discovering that perfect scene is personally rewarding. To capture a moment in time and preserve it for myself and perhaps others to enjoy for years to come is what motivates me. There are so many scenes and faces and snippets of life that cry out to be photographed. I can’t explain why. They’re just there, forcing me to click the shutter in one raw moment of excitement.

My images aren’t made to make profound statements or influence opinions. They’re created to evoke emotions or stimulate thought. Some create a sense of peace, of comfort or relaxation within. Others provoke tension or discomfort. I’m open-minded with my art. I belief there is something of unique interest in every environment and I try to portray those rarities in my photographs.

For the most part, my film work tends to be more of a literal interpretation, but that’s not to say that abstract compositions are out of the question. I’ve hand-printed most of my black and white film images in a traditional ‘wet’ darkroom. However, today, I’m deep into digital photography. It has unleashed new artistic freedoms impossible with earlier techniques. My faithful darkroom is mostly devoid of darkness and chemical fumes, now, but still affords me great creative options that help me document life through a lens.

:: Exhibits .

GMg:photo features the fine art photography of Gary Swiontek. The artist is grateful that his images have been included in a variety of fine art exhibits and displayed in venues throughout the Chicagoland area.

View a schedule of current and previous exhibits here

:: A Few Groovy Thoughts . Go Green! As an advocate of respecting our environment and natural resources, GrooveMaster Graphics encourages both consumers and businesses alike to Go Green. Recycle when possible. Use recycled and recyclable products. Support initiatives for clean, renewable energy and reduced carbon emissions. With raised awareness, we’ll come ever closer to leaving but a green and gentle footprint.