:: Our Services . How you portray your company says a lot about your quality. Often the perception of this quality begins with how photographs of your products or people look in print or online. Whether you provide premium products or high-level services, that key first impression relies on just how close these images come to looking like the real thing. At GMg:photo, we capture the true-to-life essence of your quality with extraordinary commercial photography.

From single product shots to teams of business professionals, GMg:photo will protect your quality’s image with realistic photography that brings your images to life.

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Commercial Photography
•     Portraits

:: Portraits .

You are your business. When you look good, your company looks good. Our professional portrait photography provides a great value when you consider that your image is everything. A smart-looking portrait on your business card or brochure can make a sole proprietor look like a C-Suite executive.

•     Products

:: Products .

When you sell online or through printed catalogs, your products must appear as lifelike as possible. Details need to be sharp. Colors true. And dimensions clear. Our commercial photography is especially critical when you realize it’s the lone element you’ve got working for you to entice customers to buy your product line.

•     Facilities

:: Facilities .

Taking your manufacturing plant, corporate office or retail store to clients who can’t come to you is easy with our commercial photography. Images of your facilities featured in your brochure or on your website can give customers and prospects a visual tour without leaving their office.

•     Events

:: Events .

Documenting special events begins with great photographs of every occasion. Grand Openings. Ground Breakings. Corporate Open Houses. Each public or private event calls for commercial photography to record them not only for posterity, but also for any subsequent PR media distribution.

Additional Services
•     Image Manipulation/Correction

:: Image Manipulation/Correction .

Making your images look not only good, but beyond great is the power of image manipulation. It lets us digitally enhance colors, clean-up objects, convert color to black & white, and crop images to size. This technique lets us save you time and cost. Why reshoot when we can rework?

•     Digital Restoration

:: Digital Restoration .

Bring your historical photo treasures back to life through digital restoration. Now, your worn and tattered film photographs can be reconditioned into a re-printable form, plus we create a digital file of your photographs to keep for eternity. Perfect for both business and personal uses.

•     Photo Printing

:: Photo Printing .

Need your favorite photo printed in a ready-to-frame size? We partner with photo labs that can reproduce your photo at a high quality level in most any size on traditional photo paper, canvas or other photo-print-compatible materials. Ask us for a list of these available materials. Now, you can begin showcasing your prize photos as fine art.

•     Photographing Art

:: Photographing Art .

Artists, need your work photographed? We can photograph your 2D or 3D work giving you a permanent digital record of it. Use your files for applying to exhibits, marketing and more. Showcase your work with giclees, posters, cards, etc.

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