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This page is your guide to the fine art products available in the GMg:photo store.

Fine Art Photographic Prints

These original images are processed by the artist in either ‘traditional’ or ‘digital’ darkrooms. Some are hand printed by the artist. Most are printed by a professional imaging laboratory chosen by the artist.

Composition, contrast, repetition of patterns, that’s what ::designs is all about. These images, many of which are shot in a more close up or macro style focus on shapes, lines, angles, curves and space.
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Some things don’t quite make sense. Some are not very nice. Some are weird, distressed, or even disturbing. ::offbeat is the home to images like that. Derelict, dirty, damaged or unusual in subject, composition or treatment describe many of the images here.
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Trees, mountains, valleys, beaches, oceans. Bucolic, nice, warm and fuzzy, that’s what ::scenic is all about. The kind of images that make you want to be in them.
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Places. Places where people live, work, gather. Today or yesterday. You’ll find welcoming doors and run down locations. That’s ::places. After all everything, living or not must be someplace.
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People working, relaxing, playing, counting the seconds, living. That’s what ::humankind is. It’s people doing what they do, where they do it.
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Cars, boats, trains, the conveyances that take us down the roads and paths that are the routes of our journeys. ::pathways is about the places we go and how we get to them.
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::hand printed
The ::hand printed department features prints with a real personal touch. They were all printed from negatives in a traditional ‘wet’ darkroom by the photographer who made them. You’ll see that most have hand written notes in the margins or on the back.
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This and That, Odds and Ends

This department carries an assortment of products that use the images created by the artist. Here you’ll find,

Art Folio Collections
Artist Trading Cards
Art Cards, Editions and Originals
And More To Come
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Here you’ll find downloadable products. Many at low or no cost! Just click, print if you like and enjoy.
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